April Principal’s Message

PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE March weather has been so wonderful allowing us to get outside and increase our learning spaces. With all of the Covid/Winter limitations, there’s something quite freeing about embracing the extra outdoor opportunities. March is also the end of our second term and I trust you were able to connect with your child’s teacher about the progress your student(s) made. Wrapping up the month with Spring Fun week has been a real highlight with all of the activities that… Read More

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MES Highlights Term 2 Report Cards

Term 2 reports will be issued this month. Kindergarten Report cards will be available on Parent Portal on Wednesday, March 10th. Gr.1-4 Report cards will be available on Parent Portal on Wednesday, March 17th. Parent/teacher meetings on Mar.23rd are by teacher request only.

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March Vice Principal’s Message


It has been just about a year since we started to feel the significant effects and spin-offs of C-19, but in some ways it feels like a lifetime ago. Here’s a short list of things that haven’t changed at MES:

  • laughter ringing the halls
  • screams of delight on the playground during recess
  • massive student engagement in the classroom
  • satisfied looks on student faces after Phys Ed or Music
  • the significance of healthy relationships
  • the importance of positive reinforcement in child development
  • MES staff who are characterized by collaboration, care, compassion
  • community support and trust

As we continue to try to make the best out of challenging situations and health protocols, our February I Love to Read committee did an excellent job of offering unique ways to challenge our students with their literacy goals including unique storytelling opportunities with master storyteller Leigh-Anne Kehler, teacher & guest reading videos including assistant superintendent Colin Campbell, and reading records that were through the roof.

MES continues to be, “A Great Place to Grow.”

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February Principal’s Message

PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE: I Love To Read Month With the transition to critical level orange in January, our new learning spaces have proven to be invaluable. As we maintain student safety, we now have this beautiful new space to enhance student learning. We waited many years for this added space and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Beyond the new classrooms, it’s been a pleasure to discover all the ways that we can incorporate the multipurpose room and library… Read More

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MES Highlights I Love to Read Month

This month your child will bring home a Bingo Sheet for I Love to Read Month. On the sheet are a number of activities to encourage your child to read and write. When they have completed an activity, please initial that square. When all of the squares have been completed, send the sheet back to school so that your child can be entered into a draw to win a prize. The activities must be completed and the sheet returned by… Read More

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