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June Principal’s Message

Modelling Care and Putting into Practice 

As educators, we have a responsibility to model caring for others as one of our basic psychological needs. As we deliberately put energy into this moral purpose, our students can learn and grow in this domain. This modelling has come alive in our continued support of sponsoring children’s education in Liberia.

“We do not merely tell them (students) to care and give them texts to read on the subject, we demonstrate our caring in our relations with them.” (Nel Noddings 1998)

If we want students to care for each other, it makes sense to give them an opportunity to put this into practice. One way we do this at MES is through our continued partnership with Provision of Hope. Despite the unpredictable nature of this school year, we are once again grateful to our greater school community for the unwavering support of this valuable, worthwhile project. Given the success of this year’s efforts, we are now ready to increase the number of students we support in Liberia. A big thank you to our MES community for the care you have extended to our extra “classroom.”


Over $13,000 has been generously donated! This will make a difference in so many lives!

Click HERE for an audio clip of Mrs. Peters interview with Michelle Sawatzky.



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MES Caring For Kids – Update

What an overwhelming response!!

Mitchell Elementary School & Community has outdone itself again!

The care and compassion that was displayed today by our MES students, staff and community for students needing help in Liberia will make a difference in so many lives!

Over $12,000 has been generously donated!

This means we are able to support our 13 students for another year and add new students who need help. In addition, we are exploring options on how the rest of the funds will be used for helping children and families in Liberia. Stay tuned for more information.

A huge thank you to all of you for being part of giving hope to children in need!

Make sure you ask your children what they learned about Bendu, one of our sponsored students on the Zoom call we had with her today.

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MES Caring For Kids

MES Caring for Kids Sponsorship

For the past ten years, MES has partnered with Provision of Hope in helping children from Liberia, Africa. Children in Liberia have to pay to go to school and if their family doesn’t have enough money, they can’t go.

Education gives children a chance to move ahead in life and hope for their future.

Today, MES students participated in activities to learn about Liberia and the students we sponsor there. Students are bringing home envelopes to collect funds to continue sponsoring our 13 children for the next school year.

Please return the envelope with donations by May 26th. This will be our counting and celebration day!

Thank you for your continued support!


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