mitchell elementary

Mission Statement

To provide a SAFE, CARING, STIMULATING environment in which to learn and grow.

About Us

  • Mitchell Elementary School is a K-4 School with approximately 425 students.
  • Our staff consists of 23 teachers, including the following specialists: Literacy Support, EAL, Music, Physical Education, Resource, Counsellor.  Support staff includes 12 educational assistants as well as two secretaries, librarian, head custodian and 2 custodial assistants.  We also have a Principal and a Vice-Principal.
  • Mitchell Elementary School has a strong connection to families, with many parent volunteers.
  • Students at Mitchell Elementary School are exceptional in their care for others and their school.
  • Our school is highly committed to literacy including—literacy and EAL support, a vibrant library, and wide support for guided reading and teacher professional development.
  • Student Agendas and Monthly Newsletters are excellent home and school communication tools that help inform parents of upcoming events and activities.  We also encourage parents to visit our website ( and follow us on Twitter (@MEShanover) to keep in touch with school life.