Daily Routine

8:25amStudents Enter school
8:35amOpening Exercises
8:43amPeriod 1
9:15amPeriod 2
9:45amPeriod 3
10:30amPeriod 4
11:00amPeriod 5
12:25pmPeriod 6
12:55pmPeriod 7
1:25pmPeriod 8
2:10pmPeriod 9
2:35pmPeriod 10
3:13pmDismissal for Bus Students
3:20pmGeneral Dismissal

NOTE: Students that walk or are dropped off at school, should not arrive till 8:25. They will then line-up at their entrance door as below.

K, 1H, 1N – Main front door
1W, 2N, 2SP, 2V – East front door
1M, 2W – South back door
3D, 3E, 3K – North side door
3H, 4H – South side door
4D, 4M – West back door


In order to make our after-school dismissal and departure as efficient and safe as possible, we are dismissing only the students who are on buses promptly at 3:13 (Mr. Fuchs #260, Mrs. Dueck #259, Mrs. Harder #264, Mrs. Fisher #288, Mrs. Reimer #258, and Mr. Radford # 312). At 3:20, when the buses are gone, the rest of the students are dismissed, to walk home.