Kindergarten Survey (Mitchell Elementary School)

February 6-13, 2017

Hanover School Division is seeking input from parents/guardians regarding class scheduling for kindergarten students. Consideration is being given to changing the existing ‘half day – every day’ class schedule to a ‘full day – alternate day’ class schedule for the 2017/18 school year. This change, if implemented, would require kindergarten students to attend class for the full school day, on alternate days (example: school days 1, 3, 5, or 2, 4, 6).

Mitchell Catchment – Survey is now closed. Thank-you to all who participated.

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  • Why Change the Existing Schedule?
  • Who Is Eligible To Participate?
  • How Can I Participate?
  • How Will The Survey Results Be Used?

At present, HSD schools in the Grunthal and Niverville catchment areas are operating on the full day – alternate day kindergarten schedule, and have been for a few years. Parental feedback to date has shown this to be a positive experience for children and their families within these communities. The purpose of this survey is to provide parents/guardians within the Blumenort, Bothwell, Kleefeld, Landmark, Mitchell and Steinbach catchment areas, an opportunity to voice their interest in adopting a full day – alternate day kindergarten schedule.

There are varying educational opinions on whether full day kindergarten provides greater educational benefit than a half day schedule, and the cost to implement such a change is generally revenue neutral. Therefore, the primary rationale for considering such a change is to ensure kindergarten scheduling reflects the needs and preferences of the communities we serve. Such needs and preferences change over time, and it is our desire to be sensitive to those changes in the offering of educational programming.

This survey is open to parents/guardians, who:

  • have a child currently attending kindergarten at Mitchell Elementary School; OR
  • have a child registered to start kindergarten at Mitchell Elementary School (Sept. 2017)

Limit of one survey submission per household.

Parents/Guardians of children currently attending MES kindergarten will receive an email on February 6th., that will include a link to their school’s survey. Beginning on February 6th., the survey link will also be accessible via school website (for all eligible MES parents/guardians).

For those parents/guardians without Internet access, please visit the school office during Kindergarten Registration Week, Feb. 6-10. Accommodations will be made to allow for onsite survey participation.

The purpose of the kindergarten survey is to gauge expression of interest. The results of which will assist the HSD Board of Trustees in assessing the scheduling preferences of each individual community. The survey is not a voting mechanism that binds final decision, but rather an opportunity for collective parental feedback on a per community basis.