MES Remembers

At MES we value student student engagement: social, academic, emotional, & intellectual. One way we celebrate engagement is through assemblies. Assemblies at MES are open to everyone and the calendar of assemblies is listed on our website. click here for a link to our school calendar November 8 is our Remembrance Day Assembly featuring the Grade 4 choir. The assembly begins at 11:00 and everyone is invited to attend.

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MES Highlights Grade 1-4 Report Cards

Grade 1-4 Report cards will be available on Parent Portal on Wednesday, November 20th at 2:00pm. Printed Report Cards will be going home with students on Friday, November 22nd, for all those not receiving them through Parent Portal.  Also, please check the back of the report card for your Parent Teacher meeting date and time. If the date or time does not work, please call the office to reschedule.

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MES Highlights Numeracy Month

November is numeracy month and Mitchell Elementary will be focusing on Math Mysteries. Some of the activities we will work on focus on estimating, using what you know to find a mystery number, and answering math problems to solve a mystery. Listen for your child to talk about Esti-mysteries, Math Mash up, and How many? We are already looking forward to seeing you at Math Family Games Night in January.

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November Principal’s Message

As we anticipate the beginning of our building expansion project, we find ourselves making good use of every possible space available in our school. As our routines and programs come to life during the past month, we realize just how much we need additional space. We look forward to the “breaking of ground” in the near future, with more updates to follow as things unfold. It seems like a very short time since we started school and we already have… Read More

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Fall Fun Week

Student Engagement: Fall Fun Week this year is October 15-18! The week will be filled with fun dress-up days, activities, and the Fall Activity Day on Friday Oct 18th with our Mitchell Middle School friends.

  • Tues: Sdrawkcab Yad (Backwards Day)
  • Wed: Wacky Wednesday
  • Thurs: Class Theme Day
  • Fri: Hat Day & Activity Day


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MES Highlights Bussing


Any bus that will be more than 15 minutes late due to weather or mechanical issues will be listed on the HSD website in the bus delay area. Go to You can then choose Bus Delay Bulletins where it will be posted with the approximate delay time. Thank you for checking this option before calling the Hanover School Division Transportation Department with your questions regarding bus delays.

BUS EVACUATION DRILLS For those students travelling to and from school on the bus, there will be a bus evacuation drill on Thurs., Oct. 24th. 

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October Vice Principal’s Message

Quotes heard in the halls and on the front steps of MES in the past week:  

“I feel safe here.”  “I love my new teacher.” 

“What a great class!” “What a great start.”  “Being a grandpa is the BEST thing ever.” 

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we are so thankful for great starts and the healthy relationships all around us. There are many other things we are thankful for here at MES and student engagement is one of them. 

One of the ways we celebrate social, emotional, academic, & intellectual engagement is through assemblies. Assemblies are open to everyone and the calendar of assemblies is highlighted on our school website calendar. So, consider this your personal invitation to join us for our Thanksgiving assembly coming up October 11 at 11:00am We hope to see you then.

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