Which would you say is the best day of the school year?
The first day or the last? Here at MES there was some
discussion on this very topic. While farmers are usually
pretty eager to get back on the field in spring to plant their
crops after a cold winter, so are school staff as they return
in fall! Meeting all the new and fresh faces during “Meet
the Teacher” and again on the first day of school is very
exciting. It is safe to say that the “first day of school” won
as the best day of the school year. We can hardly wait to
see how our students develop and grow as we strive to
help them reach their potential.

Indeed, Mitchell Elementary is a “Great Place to Grow!”

I would like to welcome back all returning students and
look forward to meeting all new students as they begin
their educational journey at MES. Also, I welcome our new
staff: Mrs. Allison Antonio and Ms. Brittany Bell.
Wishing you all the best during the upcoming school year!

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