HSD Highlight – Permission to Publish

With Christmas and the surrounding excitement approaching, MES would like to highlight Hanover School Division reminders regarding Permission to Publish. For more information regarding HSD Christmas Concerts and schedules, please visit  https://www.hsd.ca. The Hanover School Division has limited, or no control, over photographs and videos taken by news media and others in public locations, or at school-sanctioned events open to the public – such as sporting events, performances, concerts, and similar events. When members of the public are invited/permitted to attend… Read More

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MES Remembers

Remembrance Day Assembly Audio Highlights Song: May Sunshine Light Your Way Song: Inscription of Hope Song: Shalom Chaverim

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MES Highlights Assemblies

At MES we value student student engagement: social, academic, emotional, & intellectual. One way we celebrate engagement is through assemblies.

Assemblies at MES are open to everyone and the calendar of assemblies is listed on our website. (click here for a link to our school calendar) We also like to highlight certain special assemblies such as last year’s quartet of Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra players, the Kayler & Bergen concert, or the Horizon String Quartet.

November 10 is our Remembrance Day Assembly featuring the Grade 4 choir. The assembly begins at 11:00 and everyone is invited to attend.


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November Principal’s Message

What is it to be mindful? This was one of the themes at the Superintendent’s Professional Development day on October 30th. Simply put, being mindful is an intentional, purposeful awareness to our situation and surroundings. At times it may be thinking about what you are unconsciously doing or thinking. For example, do your thoughts “build you up” or “tear you down”? When being mindful, we remember that there is always a blue sky out there even if the clouds might… Read More

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