What is it to be mindful? This was one of the themes at the Superintendent’s Professional Development day on October 30th. Simply put, being mindful is an intentional, purposeful awareness to our situation and surroundings. At times it may be thinking about what you are unconsciously doing or thinking. For example, do your thoughts “build you up” or “tear you down”? When being mindful, we remember that there is always a blue sky out there even if the clouds might be blocking our view at the moment. Sometimes it would be nice to get on a plane to find the blue sky, but when we can’t, we need to intentionally refocus so we are not distracted by the clouds.

We all go through times where we are daydreaming or when we are just not “in the moment”. Most of us use a few techniques to help us re-focus: a deep breath, going for a walk, or perhaps a fresh cup of coffee. Whatever techniques work for you, I encourage you to enjoy the moment and be mindful as you go about today.

November means colder weather and term 1 report cards. Looking forward to seeing you at parent/teacher meetings on November 28/29.

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