“Stop, and look, and listen…”

I love reading. In fact, I really love to read. So when a good friend recently offered me a book called The Remarkable Ordinary as a gift, I was given the opportunity to gain a greater appreciation of The Arts through it’s pages. While neither a musician like Mr. Bergen, nor an artist like Mrs. Wiebe, nor a master-crafter like Mrs. Head, I personally have a great appreciation of the arts through the words penned by author Frederick Buechner. I have been able to appreciate his encouragement to “Stop, and look, and listen in life” because I can read.

There are many things I don’t take for granted such as freedom, warm homes, and quality relationships. Reading is kind of like that, it provides the opportunity to learn from others, or simply enjoy a good story. February is “I Love To Read” and the IL2R committee has once again put together a fine selection of events celebrating the love of reading. So, as the saying goes, “if you can read this, thank a teacher.”

Mr. Terrick

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