At the time of this writing, MES had just finished a
smattering of special events: we celebrated a book
launch in Grade 3; butterflies were released in our
Outdoor Learning Centre in Grade 1; chicks were
hatching in grade 2; Grade 4’s had been drumming
in the park; and our Kindergarten classes were
getting ready to plant their gardens; our annual
school wide bike rodeo was about to take place, and
the MES art club was setting up at Clearspring Mall
to represent at the HSD art exhibit. Staff and student
engagement is high in this building, and it shows in
this week’s list of excitement!

At MES we value our varied and numerous learning
partnerships, and we just enjoyed our long-standing
tradition of celebrating our volunteers at our
volunteer appreciation event. We can recognize that
many of our weekly accomplishments are possible
because of our volunteers, and MES says,

Also, we are able to capture a small percentage of
the MES awesome sauce on our school website.
Check out MES Images, our Twitter feed, or our
new Instagram account for a little more MES

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