The staff of our school is keenly aware that for students to be successful, home – school communication has to be effective. Several channels of communication will help us accomplish this. Every home will receive the school division’s annual calendar which identifies major divisional events, and also contains many of our own local activities.

NEW! Parent portal! Check out all the information on your child(ren). Including: field trips, permissions, report cards, attendance, etc. You can enter contact information and yes, you can enter in absence note for your child(ren). This is a great communication tool!

Agendas are also an avenue by which to-way communication can be maintained between home and school while keeping students organized.

The MES news will be posted monthly on our website. The newsletter contains announcements for special events and other helpful information.

Some special events will still be announced by individual memos from teachers to parents, as teachers deem necessary. And, we still do have the telephone, so please call us, or send notes, if all of the above avenues of communication don’t quite do the job.

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