The Grade 3 & 4 MES Christmas Concert, “Chimes in
the Night”, is Wednesday, December 19. Performances
are at 1:30 and 7:00 p.m.

Dress code for the Grade 3 & 4 students is white tops and
black bottoms.

The Kindergartens will be having their Christmas performance at the afternoon concert only.

Grade 1 & 2 Spring Concert information to follow in the new year.

Also, MES says , “Thanks!” to our PAC for the Christmas Concert Cookies. Please see the note below:

Please note that PAC will be handing out homemade
cookies the day of our Christmas Concert. Due to the
increasing amount of food allergies, intolerances,
sensitivities, and preferences, it has become clear that
PAC is unable to accommodate all dietary restrictions.
Therefore, we must inform parents that any food offered to
students by PAC at any time during the year will not be
guaranteed allergy friendly. We will continue to try and
accommodate serious allergies to the best of our ability, however
students with dietary restrictions are encouraged to bring snacks
from home and not accept any food without approval from their
homeroom teacher. We hope that this will be a successful way
of partnering with parents to ensure the safety of all children,
while maintaining the enthusiasm of special treats and events
PAC has traditionally sponsored.

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