Student Engagement & Organized Excitement: Kindergarten Welcome, Grade 4 BBQ, PAC lunch,
field trips, teacher baby showers, running and art clubs, Treats and Treasures, guests from Golf Manitoba, and this was all in just one week! MES really is a “Great Place to Grow” and it shows! We love learning about life and making the most of our opportunities. “Thank You!” to our volunteers and learning partnerships. Without you all of this excitement wouldn’t be possible.

Also, we are able to capture a snapshot of the MES experience on our school website. To see more of what’s happening check out MES Images, our Twitter feed, or Instagram account.

And on a different note, MES would like to officially welcome Ms. Amy Smith, Ms. Jozie Marhara, and Ms. Megan Lewis who will joining the MES team until the end of the year.

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