Silent Night (Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht) written and
performed for the first time almost 200 years ago, could
very well be the best Christmas carol of all time given the
peace and sense of calm it evokes in audiences world
wide. In fact, it was declared an intangible cultural heritage
by UNESCO in 2011.

With all of the important work left to be done before
the break here at MES it may not always be peaceful
and calm, but we will continue to bring a real sense
of organized enthusiasm here in the building as we
endeavor to engage academically, intellectually,
emotionally, and socially with our communities and
the world around us.

While this engagement appears
different, at times, I have personally witnessed much
kindness, respectfulness, authentic collaboration,
healthy communication, strength of character, and
citizenship that leaves me feeling hopeful about our future leaders.

In the excitement of this Christmas season, let’s take
a play out of the Silent Night playbook by walking
slow, breathing deep, and reflecting on the incredible
gifts of the season. On behalf of Mitchell Elementary
School, much Grace & Peace to you and those
you hold dear.

John Terrick

in: General