February is “I Love to Read” month. And, while I was reading over the plans and calendar the MES IL2R committee put together I thought, “Hey! I really, really do love reading.” I love reading for pleasure, I love reading to my daughters, and I simply love it that I can read. This little bit of reflecting has got me thinking about other things that I really appreciate. Here are a few: 

  • Recess Buddies
  • Kindness
  • Freedom
  • Volunteers
  • Warm homes
  • Big hearts
  • Trust
  • Being wired to make sense of the world around us
  • Generosity of spirit
  • Supportive communities
  • Lunch monitors
  • Bus captains
  • Enthusiasm to learn
  • Care for others
  • School additions

And, I love it that most of these things are happening every day here at MES. What a great place to grow!

MES would also like to welcome Tracy Banman, the newest member of our EA team.

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