December Vice-Principal’s Message

Silent Night (Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht) written and performed for the first time almost 200 years ago, could very well be the best Christmas carol of all time given the peace and sense of calm it evokes in audiences world wide. In fact, it was declared an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2011. With all of the important work left to be done before the break here at MES it may not always be peaceful and calm, but we… Read More

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HSD Highlight – Permission to Publish

With Christmas and the surrounding excitement approaching, MES would like to highlight Hanover School Division reminders regarding Permission to Publish. For more information regarding HSD Christmas Concerts and schedules, please visit The Hanover School Division has limited, or no control, over photographs and videos taken by news media and others in public locations, or at school-sanctioned events open to the public – such as sporting events, performances, concerts, and similar events. When members of the public are invited/permitted to attend… Read More

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MES Remembers

Remembrance Day Assembly Audio Highlights Song: May Sunshine Light Your Way Song: Inscription of Hope Song: Shalom Chaverim

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MES Highlights Assemblies

At MES we value student student engagement: social, academic, emotional, & intellectual. One way we celebrate engagement is through assemblies.

Assemblies at MES are open to everyone and the calendar of assemblies is listed on our website. (click here for a link to our school calendar) We also like to highlight certain special assemblies such as last year’s quartet of Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra players, the Kayler & Bergen concert, or the Horizon String Quartet.

November 10 is our Remembrance Day Assembly featuring the Grade 4 choir. The assembly begins at 11:00 and everyone is invited to attend.


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November Principal’s Message

What is it to be mindful? This was one of the themes at the Superintendent’s Professional Development day on October 30th. Simply put, being mindful is an intentional, purposeful awareness to our situation and surroundings. At times it may be thinking about what you are unconsciously doing or thinking. For example, do your thoughts “build you up” or “tear you down”? When being mindful, we remember that there is always a blue sky out there even if the clouds might… Read More

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Mr. Reimer Highlighted In Footsteps – MB Marathon

We are very proud of MES’s own Steffan Reimer who finished fourth in the 2017 Manitoba Full Marathon. Steffan was also the recipient of the 2016 Bob Walker Memorial award which honours the fastest Manitoban male and female athletes between the ages 19 and 29.

Footsteps, the participant newsletter of the Manitoba Marathon, recently highlighted Steffan’s Marathon Profile in the October issue.

Click here to read the full article. (and scroll down to find the full interview)

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Provincial Health Notice – Mumps

The following is a health notice also fournd on

As a new school year begins, illnesses, including mumps, can be spread easily between children and their families. Manitoba continues to see mumps disease circulating, with 1057 confirmed cases as of October 6, 2017. Mumps has been seen in all populations, including pre-school and school-aged children.

Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living (MHSAL) would like to ensure all parents and guardians are aware that the mumps outbreak continues, how to recognize its symptoms, how to prevent its spread and what to do if they suspect they or their child(ren) may be infected with mumps.

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– Article by Mrs. Michelle Wiebe in Learning Matters, a plublication of the HSD Superintendents Office (click here for more)

Before you even enter our school, you’ll likely notice the abundance of trees adorning our schoolyard. You’ll walk past thriving planter boxes lining the pathway which leads into our building. Once inside you’ll be met with the happy buzz of staff and students experiencing another great day of learning together. Growth and learning – that’s what we’re about. However, prior to last June, if you happened to be in our hallways at the buzzer sound, you’d also encounter the disconnect between this hospitable learning environment, and its bossy and intimidating bell system. (more…)

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October Vice-Principal’s Message

The beautiful colours on the trees suggest that the Thanksgiving season is upon us, and there is so much to be thankful for. MES really is a Great Place to Grow and this was highlighted during our Fall Fun Week. Click here for what student engagement looks like at MES.

Here at MES we are thankful for significant student engagement: social, academic, emotional, & intellectual. One of the ways we celebrate these different types of engagement is through assemblies. Assemblies at MES are open to everyone and are highlighted on our school website calendar.

So, take a deep breath, enjoy the fall colours and join us for our next highlighted assembly coming up November 10 at 11:00. All are welcome.

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MES Fall Fun Week Success!

At MES we talk about different typs of Student Engagement: Academic, Social, Emotional, and Intellectual.

Fall Fun Week has touched on each branch of student engagement and here are a few snapshots highlighing what student engagement looks like at MES.

Click here for more.

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